from cells in space to life on Mars

Human space exploration is part of the future of our species. However, to get there we must explore how humans thrive in microgravity. This research also provides novel methods to improve the human wellbeing on the surface of our home world Earth. Moreover, human space exploration tightly links to the question how to survive on other planets like Mars - a dream revived by NASA and SpaceX. My geodynamical exploration of Mars is also tightly linked to finding resources like water and methane on the red planet - a necessity for human settlements on our cold and dry future home 2.0.

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LIDIA: I developed and performed fluid dynamic experiments in microgravity, on board of ESA’s zero-g parabolic flight air craft, in relation to fluid dynamics and the mitogenic activation of lymphocytes.


I created the space experiment Chondro with Georg Keller, ESA, the ETH Space Biology Institute, and the ETH High Energy Laboratory to study the growth of cartilage in microgravity for tissue engineering. We integrated the first Chondro experiment into Foton M1, a Russian science satellite, and launched it from the Russian cosmodrome Plesetsk in 2002. The final stage of the propulsion system failed and both rocket and experiment fell back and exploded above us. After a complete re-design of the Chondro system - adjusted to manned spaceflight - we were launched it in 2003 with the Cervantes mission from Baikonur to the International Space Station ISS with support from ESA. Analysis of the samples took many years and showed fascinating behavior of cartilage tissue in microgravity.

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